Connecting an Android Device

Instructions on how to connect an Android phone or tablet to the "MountVernon-Main" wireless network

Step 1

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  1. In your Wi-Fi settings, click the "MountVernon-Main" network

Step 2

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When prompted for credentials, do the following:

  1. For the "EAP Method" option, click the drop-down and select "PEAP"
  2. For the "CA Certificate" option, click and select "Don't validate"
  3. Enter your assigned username in the "Identity" field
  4. Click ME for details about your username!

  5. Enter your Single Sign-On password in the "Password" field
  6. NOTE: Some phones require a "Phase 2 Authentication" to be specified. If so, select "MSCHAPV2". Phase 2 Authentication may be hidden under the "Advanced" section.

  7. Click "Connect"

Wait a moment, and now you are connected to the Mount Vernon network!