Printers and Copiers

Our printing system is awesome! But it can be confusing. Here is some information on our PaperCut Printing System and the printers and copiers at Mount Vernon

What to Print to

There are only two "printers" that you have to print to here at Mount Vernon. These are queues and they store your print job until you walk up to a copier anywhere at Mount Vernon and release the job to print by signing in.

IMPORTANT: Never delete the printers below! They will not re-appear correctly for employees. Please contact the Tech Team.



Copier Restrictions

We have restrictions that prevent print jobs from being accepted if they do not meet the requirements below:

Allowed Paper Size/Types

Letter (8.5" x 11")

Legal (8.5" x 14")

Tabloid (11" x 17")

Executive (7" x 10")

Envelope (C4)

Envelope (10)

Envelope (DL)

Job Restrictions

Maximum of 20 copies PER print job submission

Student Printing

Students print a bit differently compared to employees. Follow the links below to setup printing at Mount Vernon:

MacOS Computer [link]

Printers to Add



Windows Computer [link]

Printer Selection

MV-Copiers-B&W [Virtual-Copiers]

MV-Copiers-Color [Virtual-Copiers]

How to Log into a Copier

1) When you are ready to print out your job, walk up to one of any copiers at Mount Vernon and click the keyboard button on the screen (indicated below)

Copier Screen 1

2) When prompted for a "Username", enter in your Single Sign-On username (Click me for details about your username!)

Copier Screen 2

3) When prompted for a "Password", enter in your Single Sign-On password

Copier Screen 3

Copier Locations

Temporary Image